Frequently Asked Questions

What is IVF?

How much does IVF treatment cost in Bangalore?

How many injections do you need for IVF treatment?

What makes IVF treatment carry high risk?

Is ICSI painful for females?

How long does ICSI treatment take from start to finish?

What is the success rate of ICSI by age?

What are the benefits of ICSI?

How soon after HSG can you try to conceive?

How much rest is required after the HSG test?

Which is the best clinic for an HSG test in Bangalore?

What is the HSG test cost in Bangalore?

What is the purpose of PGD?

Is PGD safe and accurate?

Is genetic screening always accurate?

At what stage is it best to freeze embryos?

How long does embryo freezing last?

What are the risks of freezing embryos?

What to avoid during egg freezing?

How many eggs is normal for egg freezing?

Is IUI Treatment Painful?

How Long is the IUI Process?

What is the Success Rate of IUI?

What is the Cost of IUI Treatment in Bangalore?

Any Risks in IUI Treatment?

How accurate is ERA testing?

Does an ERA test increase the chance of pregnancy?

What is the success rate of the ERA test?

How many days rest is required after hysteroscopy?

What should I avoid before a hysteroscopy?

When is the best time to do a hysteroscopy?

Can I travel after blastocyst transfer?

Can a blastocyst turn into twins?

How can I increase my chances of implantation with blastocyst?

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