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Spotting After Embryo Transfer – Am I going to Miscarry?

Happens naturally in the same way as normal pregnancy. So, spotting is one of the positive signs after embryo transfer. ...

Low Sperm Count: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

You can have other noticeable symptoms such as a hormonal imbalance, obstruction in the passing of sperm, and dilated testicular veins. Your low signs of low sperm count can includ...

What Precautions to Take During 4th Month of Pregnancy

Before moving to the precautions during the 4th month of pregnancy, have a look at your baby growth and changes in your body....

Can Babies Feel Cold Water in the Womb

As a pregnant woman, you should know whether you should drink normal, cold, or warm water. You must know whether drinking cold water or fluids is okay or not for your pregnancy....

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Test Timing You Should Know

Pregnancy symptoms begin at distinguished times. And so, some of you instantly feel that you are pregnant while some of you go without any signs of pregnancy for months. ...

5 Common Fertility Drugs to Get Pregnant and Their Side Effects

They trigger the ovulation process. In ART treatment, experts use these drugs to stimulate a female’s ovaries for better and extra egg production. Here are some fertility pills t...


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