Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

What Causes Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is blissful to married women willing to become moms. Even after being blissful, it is a bad experience for females when it causes a lot of mild to severe issues. Swollen feet during pregnancy is one of them. 

Having swelling in certain body parts is common for pregnant women. It usually occurs due to production of extra fluids to support foetus growth. Further, a slow down in circulation accelerates the fluid buildup. 

The ankles and feet have swellings due to the expansion of the uterus with the growing baby inside. This expansion puts more pressure on the veins in your lower body. In brief, fluid production, uterus expansion caused by baby growth, and more pressure on the lower body cause swollen feet during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, if you experience swollen feet, your swelling usually:

  • Appears gradually 
  • Is equal in both of your feet 
  • Lessens when you lied down or raise your feet 
  • Is worse in summers 
  • Appears worse by the end of the day 

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What can you do to manage swollen feet during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you can manage your swelling a lot by making a few changes in your daily life. Here are some useful steps for your support:

  • Do not stand for long periods to avoid having pressure on your feet 
  • Elevate your feet slowly to enhance the blood flow throughout your body 
  • Drink enough water. Try to drink 6-12 glasses of water a day 
  • Sleep on your left side for taking the pressure off 
  • Swim for certain time 
  • Walk for 15-30 minutes a day. You can walk in parts instead of having a long walking session 
  • Place your legs on pillows while sleeping 
  • Limit your salt intake 
  • Be physically active with short walks and gentle workouts 
  • Wear compression stockings or supportive tights 
  • Avoid caffeine 
  • Wear loose and comfortable outfits 
  • Do not sit in a position for longer periods 
  • Have massage to enhance circulation 
  • Avoid being outdoors in hot weather and try to stay cool 

For more information and support on swelling during pregnancy, you can see a respective doctor at Archish IVF. Our doctors and healthcare professionals will help you carry your pregnancy successfully.


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