Symptoms After Fertilization

Symptoms After Fertilization

As you differ from others, your pregnancy signs are different from other pregnant women. And they can differ from one pregnancy to another for you too. Pregnancy symptoms begin at distinguished times. And so, some of you instantly feel that you are pregnant while some of you go without any signs of pregnancy for months. 

In spite of that, some pregnancy symptoms or signs are very common and they start appearing early before a woman conceives. These signs appear due to a surge in hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone and progesterone and oestrogen.    

Early signs of pregnancy 

Early pregnancy symptoms can be mild or subtle. You might experience a difference in your breasts while putting on your bra, your tiredness, and unappealing breakfast. Here are some early pregnancy symptoms:

  • Missed period - Missing a period or being late on a period might indicate you are pregnant if you have regular periods. In the case of irregular periods or no record of your menstrual cycle, a missed period is not a probable pregnancy sign. You need to notice other symptoms. 
  • Frequent urination - There is a change in your hormones as you become pregnant. Due to hormonal changes, you notice a change in the flow of blood toward your kidney. And it causes your bladder to fill soon and you need to go to the washroom frequently.    
  • Fatigue - Do you feel tired suddenly or sudden exhaustion? Till now, no research papers or studies have proven what makes fatigue an early pregnancy sign. However, experts blame a rapid increase in progesterone level for it. Morning sickness and frequent urination pave your way to feel tired.   
  • Sore breasts - Sensitive or swollen breasts are one of early pregnancy symptoms. You have breast tenderness due to constant rise in your hormone levels. As a result, you feel your breasts are getting bigger. After the first trimester, there is a decrease in its sensitivity and tenderness.  
  • Nausea - Morning sickness begins after two weeks of conception. So, it could be the first real sign of your pregnancy. Pregnancy-related nausea can happen to you at any time during the day, including the one in the morning. It may come to you with food aversions, indigestion, and heightened sense of smell.    
  • Implantation spotting or bleeding - In pregnancy, you expect to see vaginal bleeding. However, you have light spotting close to your period date. It could be implantation spotting or bleeding that is one of the symptoms after fertilisation. It happens to you when your fertilised egg settles in your uterus. 
  • Cramping - Similar to bleeding/spotting, cramping is an early pregnancy sign. It can make you confused, as it also happens to you when your period starts. However, it could be your implantation cramping and could last for a few days in comparison with periodical cramps. 
  • Constipation -  You have constipation in early days of your pregnancy due to an increase in the level of progesterone. This hormone makes your stomach relax and smoothes your digestive tract. As a result, food passes slowly towards the intestine. 
  • Mood swings -  Mood swings are common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. You can respond to your mood swings differently in comparison with other pregnant women. You can notice good and bad feelings and heightened emotions.  
  • Abdominal bloating - You feel bloating due to hormonal changes in your body. The feeling could be similar to the one during the period days. 


The right time pregnancy symptoms start 

It is hard to state anything about the time for the beginning of early pregnancy symptoms. Some of you can experience it soon while some of you have to wait for a longer time, even months. Half of the pregnant women experience pregnancy signs by the 5 weeks of their pregnancy. Around 90% experience by the 8 weeks and while some wait for the second trimester to get pregnancy test results done after misusing two periods in a row.   

When should you have a pregnancy test?

You should get it as you miss a period when you are on your pregnancy plan. Some of you get a false or negative result. So, you should do another test on the 7th or 8th week using a Home Pregnancy test. You rush for a lab urine or blood test if you get negative results after two constant period misses.


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