4th Month Of Pregnancy

Precautions During 4th Month Of Pregnancy

Great, you have just passed through the first trimester and entered into the second trimester of your pregnancy. Under the guidance of your doctor and family support, you have known how much you need to be careful and what to do or what not to do to carry your pregnancy well. In comparison with the first trimester, you have a less feeling of tiredness and anxiety in the fourth month, the 2nd trimester. However, you need to be cautious and know what precautions you should take. Before moving to the precautions during the 4th month of pregnancy, have a look at your baby growth and changes in your body.

Baby Development in the 4th Month

In the 4th month of your pregnancy, you can feel the movement of your baby in the womb. Your baby will be around 140 grams and around 5-6 inches long. In this month, your baby starts looking like a real baby. Here is more on baby growth in the 4th month:

  • Eyes shift to his head sides from the neck
  • The neck gets bigger 
  • There is a start of facial growth 
  • A start of response to external activities 
  • The limbs get functional and start making movements
  • There is a beginning of thumb sucking 
  • And many more will be visible during ultrasound scanning     



Changes or symptoms that take place in the 4th month of pregnancy 

In the fourth month, you will have a mix of minor to significant changes in your body. Here are some significant changes for your self-education:

  • A feeling of heaviness due to an increase in the uterus size that is similar to a grapefruit 
  • A bigger tummy, wider waist, and a small spot around the navel  
  • Your breasts will be bigger, fuller, and rounder 
  • Nausea will be making your mood on or off 
  • Dizziness and weakness 
  • Heartburn 
  • Hair loss due to hormonal changes 
  • More sensitive skin 

Precautions you need to take

Apart from doing your daily tasks during pregnancy, you need to be careful at this stage. Here are some precautions that you should take in the 4th month of pregnancy:

  • Have a close watch on your body weight - You need to be very careful about what you eat. Instead of consuming junk or fast food, you should value a healthy & balanced diet. Eating right will be beneficial for you and your baby’s growth. You should avoid overeating and processed food items to have an ideal body weight during pregnancy. 
  • Sleep on the left side - In the 4th month of pregnancy, you must sleep on the left side. If you are not doing this, start it from now. You can use a pillow or cushion to facilitate yourself if you feel uncomfortable while being on the left side. Left side sleeping provides a better circulation for your baby.  
  • Keep a few tissues for the management of nasal congestion - Stuffy nose, blocked ears, nose bleeds, etc. could be common issues for you due to increased blood supply to your mucus membranes. Use tissue papers to manage issues like sneezing and nose bleeds.   
  • Increase fibre intake - Constipation and allied digestion issues will be more common for you. Consuming a fibre rich diet can help you lower the effects. So, you must include apples, leafy & green vegetables, and whole grains in your diet.  
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes - Due to increase in your belly size, your abdominal muscles will have stretching. Wearing a tight outfit will not be a good choice, as it can create discomfort for you. Choose loose outfits made of linen or cotton to wear. Such outfits make you feel comfortable and help you hide your baby bump.   
  • Take maternity exercises under the guidance of a professional - Now, you need to be more careful about your workout and daily activities. Apart from lifting heavy items, you should do nothing that can hurt your pregnancy. Before doing any exercise or heavy work, consult your doctor or a professional trainer.     


You can come across many precautions for your pregnancy at different stages. The more you talk with more people around you the more ideas you will have. It is better for you to follow the precautions your doctor advises. You should ignore other things for carrying your pregnancy successfully.  


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