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IVF Cost In Bangalore

Understanding More About The IVF Cost in Bangalore


Before you proceed further with the IVF treatment plan, getting thorough information based on IVF Cost in Bangalore is mandatory. Unless you are sure of the amount you are likely to spend on the treatment plan, you can’t get all the benefits included. Depending on the clinic you have chosen for performing IVF, the treatment cost is subject to vary. However, in most Bangalore clinics, the cost will range somewhere between 90,000 rupees and 1, 40,000 rupees. This cost will include the prescribed medicines as well.

There are so many people who have spent over 600,000 rupees for test tube babies. Similarly, the IVF treatment cost is subject to increase depending on many factors like medical history and infertility issues. Sometimes, you might have to undergo other treatments like ICSI, depending on your individual case study.

However, when compared to some other metropolitan cities, the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore can be pretty affordable. Even people from various corners of the world will visit Bangalore for the most wanted IVF treatment plan.

 IUI or Intrauterine Insemination  Rs. 8,000 - 9,000
 Self egg & sperm IVF/ ICSI  Rs.1,40,000 - 1,70,000
 Donor Sperm Cost  Rs. 2,000 - 4,000 + IVF/ICSI cost
 Donor Egg Cost  Rs. 30,000 - 60,000
 Donor Embryo Cost  Rs. 80,000 - 1,00,000
 FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer  Rs. 30,000 - 35,000

For boosting implantation Laser-assisted embryo hatching

 Rs.18,000 - 25,000
 Blastocyst Culture and Transfer  Rs.0
 Hysteroscopy    Rs. 20,000 - 35,000
 Laparoscopy  Rs. 45,000 - 65,000
 TESA or Testicular Sperm Retrieval   Rs.18,000 - 25,000 + IVF/ ICSI cost  


Which factors will determine the right cost of an IVF treatment plan?

There are different factors, which will determine the final cost of IVF treatment. These factors are quite important to decide the overall failure or success of the IVF plan. You are likely to come across some IVF clinics presenting an average cost of around 200,000 rupees with an added discount of around 10% to the patients.

Some of the factors, which can easily increase the cost of IVF treatment plans in Bangalore, are listed below for your reference.

  • Sometimes, TESA or Testicular Sperm Aspiration can be used for treating male infertility. It can easily add up to around 18000 rupees in the final IVF process.
  • Most couples are always given the recommendation to freeze their fertilised eggs, which will eventually add up more to the IVF cost.
  • There are times when couples might have babies with only IUI and ICSI and without focusing on IVF treatment. It depends on their health. This step helps in decreasing the complete cost of the treatment plan.
  • You should know that the lab charges are likely to affect the cost of the IVF treatment plan. The primary functions of this treatment are done in Vitro or the glass, which in turn, will affect the complete cost.
  • Some of the interesting factors that can increase the overall IVF treatment cost in Bangalore are the female partner’s age, her infertility period, her infertility issues, and also the number of IVF cycles needed to get the desired result.
  • You can always think that the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore will rise up because of the consultation charges. It can range anywhere from 500 rupees to 1500 rupees.

Whenever you are planning to get IVF treatment, make sure to consider these points, as mentioned above. Calculating all these points is important to determine the final IVF Cost in Bangalore from your chosen clinic. You can even compare the costs of different clinics to come up with the one matching your budget plan the most. Yes, it might take some to research well, but it's worth the wait!

What will be the total IUI cost in Bangalore?

As per the 2021 count, the IUI treatment cost will vary as well. Even before jumping to the IVF treatment plan, most couples are advised to opt for IUI or intrauterine insemination, for a change.

  • This method is pretty economical and also less invasive in nature.
  • Experienced doctors can complete the IUI treatment process within a short span of time.
  • The best part is that you don’t have to move on with anaesthesia to get IUI treatment done.
  • In Bangalore, the maximum amount you need to spend for IUI treatment will be around 9000 rupees, which is pretty affordable when compared to IVF treatment.
  • If you need help from a sperm donor, then you might have to spend a bit more on the ART bank as your processing fee. It can be anywhere from 8000 rupees to 10,000 rupees.

Before you end up with the cost of IVF treatment, you might want to check out the IUI treatment plan as well. If your body approves of this method, then go for it. It is one safe way to have a baby without burning a hole in your pocket!

Total ICSI treatment cost in Bangalore:

Also known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, ICSI is a vital part of the entire IVF procedure. Thanks to a fine needle, a single sperm will get injected into the eggs in a Petri dish in the laboratory. Later, the doctors will check for some signs of fertilization.

  • With ICSI, the success rate is always towards a higher scale, when compared to some of the conventional treatment plans for infertility.
  • As ICSI is pretty important, the cost of ICSI is always higher when compared to some of the other IVF treatment plans all over Bangalore.
  • As per the latest surveys made, the ICSI treatment cost can be anywhere around 120,000 rupees to 150,000 rupees. This amount will include the scans, laboratory charges and drugs you need to take.

So, next time you planning to get your hands on the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore, make sure to focus on ICSI and IUI separately. Depending on the health condition, reputed doctors will recommend the best treatment plan to consider. It usually doesn’t depend on your mood but on your health issues.

Therefore, it is highly advised to get in touch with a doctor, who will complete a thorough examination first before determining the right solution to conceive a child. Rely on their years of expertise as they are the only ones to help you out of your misery, and gift you with the beauty of parenthood!

Costing associated with embryo freezing:

If you are looking for embryo freezing under expert guidance, Bangalore seems to be the first metropolitan city in India to come to your mind. After multiple ICSI, most couples might want to withhold the fertilised eggs. During that time, the doctors will recommend transferring the frozen embryo in place of using a fresh embryo. It is because the frozen ones will have higher success rates when compared to the fresh embryos. The total freezing cost of the embryos in Bangalore can be rather towards the expensive side. You might have to cover around 1, 50,000 rupees for the entire service plan.

What about the price value related to laser-assisted hatching?

In case you are planning to get your hands on advanced IVF techniques, then laser-assisted hatching is always considered to be the best shot in town. Nowadays, IVF experts are using this method to hatch fertilized eggs. In case you are residing in Bangalore and aiming for the best laser-assisted hatching, then be prepared to spend as much as around 1, 50,000 rupees for the procedure. The best clinics will offer you affordable IVF Costs in Bangalore, but some procedures will take extra money, and there is no way around it.

Costing of frozen embryo transfer:

Also known as the FET process, the Frozen Embryo Transfer includes transferring the frozen embryo, which is procured from the previous ICSI cycles. As a general thumb rule, the total cost of FET is always lower when compared to the entire cost of IVF treatment or cycle. The minimum cost of this transfer will be around 35,000 rupees in Bangalore. However, in some cases, the amount might rise up due to complications. However, it will remain within the 40,000 benchmark!

Now for the surrogacy cost:

If you are one of those women who cannot carry kids on their own, then you have probably heard of the term surrogacy. This process is known for outsourcing the womb to another woman in order to carry a child until birth. This process is pretty expensive as you need to find a healthy woman, who is ready to carry your child. You will not just have to bear the basic needs of that female but have to cover the entire medical cost as well.

If you are moving on with the surrogacy procedure, then the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore in such cases will be over 800,000 rupees. It solely depends on the health conditions of the surrogate woman and her medical history.

Some of the reputed clinics have contacts and they can help you to find the best surrogacy mother for your child. But, you are also given the liberty to choose someone you like or have known beforehand. It all depends on the patient’s comfort level. But, you should remember that you have to take complete responsibility for the surrogate mother for the 9 months she will carry your child. Even post-delivery, you have to take care of the surrogate woman for some time, until she is healthy to lead a normal life again!

IVF treatment plan within your budget:

You are likely to come across so many clinics, ready to offer some of the best benefits associated with IVF treatment plans. These added benefits will work in your favour and will help you to save a great deal of money.

  • Most Bangalore infertility clinics will offer some cost-effective IVF treatment plans all across Bangalore.
  • Every couple further needs some financial aspects before finalizing the best IVF treatment package to choose from.
  • As has already been mentioned, the IVF treatment cost will vary in Bangalore, due to multiple factors.
  • In case the couples are having infertility issues for a long time, then chances are high that the treatment cost will increase big time.
  • The laboratory expense, medicine costing, scans and more should be considered to cover the total IVF cost in Bangalore.
  • Overall, even if you are planning to stay within your budget plan, you can still hope to spend around 100,000 to 200,000 rupees for the entire treatment plan.
  • Based on the complications and your medical history, the cost can even rise up from here.

It is highly recommended to check and compare different IVF clinics in Bangalore before finalizing the one you like. But, it is not always the amount of money but also the reputation of the firm. Some esteemed doctors might charge you extra for their services but that’s worth the investment from your side. At least, you can rest assured of being handled by experts here.

Moving on to the packages:

The IVF packages are designed to help you save some extra bucks. Depending on the type of infertility you are suffering from and the requirement the couples have the liberty to select a proper IVF treatment package in this First Tier city.

  • These packages will have various types of fertility services alongside different price ranges.
  • Most of the clinics will have three packages – basic, advanced and additional packages.


Help from Archish IVF:

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At our centre, we are always committed to helping you procure the dream of having a child or growing a family. We are going to accompany you through the entire process, starting from investigation to proper thorough diagnosis, treatment plans and final post-delivery help. We are further ready to offer improvements and advancements to our patients instantaneously, which make us one of the leading IVF clinics all across Bangalore.

Our costing is what makes us the most preferred choice among the lot. It is hard for us to pinpoint an exact price range as it depends on the patient’s medical history. What makes us different from the rest are the personalized treatment plans we have for every patient. So, the cost is subject to vary but will remain within the pre-set budget plans.

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