Failed IVF Cycle

Failed IVF Cycle? Get A Second Opinion

The IVF journey can be an emotionally and financially difficult one for couples. Though it brings along a string of hope for couples longing for a baby, it may not click in the first go. Most IVF treatments may require more than one cycle to be successful. And couples who do not achieve success in their first attempt are most likely to go in for a second attempt if they’re financially and emotionally capable of doing so.

IVF is the most promising fertility treatment of all for any couple. Yet, the chances of success even under the best care and clinic is around 55-60 percent. You may experience that after a few attempts, you are still unable to conceive.

Reasons For IVF Failure

IVF cycles sometimes can fail recurrently because of several reasons. These include:

  • The inability of the doctor and IVF specialist to determine the exact cause of previously failed cycles and give appropriate treatment for it.
  • The inability of the female’s embryos to grow and implant.
  • Older age or Inferior quality eggs.
  • Ovaries do not respond positively to IVF medication.
  • Embryos have chromosomal defects and deformities.
  • Lifestyle and habits of the female and male. If you do not quit smoking or get your body weight in check, you might need double the number of cycles for success.
  • Poor sperm quality
  • Low ovarian reserve

Why Second Opinion Is A Must

After undergoing multiple IVF failures at a clinic, it can get challenging for you to figure out what needs to be done next. You must get a second opinion, of course. Like any other medical treatment you undergo, a second opinion is very important in IVF as well. Getting a second opinion from another unrelated IVF clinic can:

  • Help you understand the reasons why your previous attempts or cycles may have failed.
  • Suggest a more appropriate approach or fertility treatment to increase your chances of success in the next IVF cycle.
  • Suggest alternative options of having a baby like egg or sperm donors, surrogacy, etc.
  • Help you understand whether the reason you couldn’t conceive until now is that you simply cannot or because of the previous center’s inadequacy and lack of skill.

When Should You Get A Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion on any medical issues and treatments is the most crucial part of the journey. It’s always recommended. With IVF too, you may not want to rely solely on your experience with one center or one fertility specialist alone.

You should consider going for a second opinion when:

  • You have been under the care and treatment plan of a single IVF center since the beginning and haven’t achieved a successful conception yet.
  • You have been consulting with a doctor of OB-GYN regarding your fertility health and feel the need to get a more expert opinion on it.
  • You feel there is an issue with your infertility diagnosis.
  • There are other centers offering treatment options that your current centers are not.
  • You’ve had an unpleasant incident with the current center you consult with.
  • You are unhappy about your experience with the current center or you don’t feel confident enough about going ahead with them.
  • Your doctor advises you to get a second opinion from an expert.

How To Choose A Center For A Second Opinion?

Going to the right center and the right fertility specialist for a second opinion is as important as, if not more, going for a first opinion. So it is more crucial to choose wisely. How can you decide on where you should go for your second opinion?

  1. Ask A Doctor You Trust

    Doctors who are in the industry or particular field usually know of the most recommended names. Based on your relationship with the doctor, ask for recommendations of centers or fertility specialists suitable for you. They will probably have an obvious reference to give you or at least find out from industry experts and get back to you with a bankable center or fertility specialist.
  2. Ask Your Family & Friends

    Asking around with your family and friends allows you to speak to people who have first-hand experience with centers and industry experts. Based on what you hear about each, take a call on who you would like to meet.
  3. Prepare Before Your Meeting

    Once you’ve narrowed down a few names, prepare a list of important questions you need to ask. Ask those questions at each center and then, based on the response, decide on who you would like to continue your IVF treatments with.

Though the IVF treatment can be emotionally and physically taxing for most couples, you must think practically and with a clear mind. Be smart about making well-informed decisions, and know when it’s time to go for a second opinion, rather than just giving up altogether.

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