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Chances Of Getting Pregnant At 38 Naturally

If you are planning to conceive naturally, getting pregnant within your early 30s is often recommended. Once you have crossed the benchmark of 35 years, it becomes tough to enjoy motherhood. For a 38 year old woman, struggles are real. Chances are high that they will have less opportunity to get pregnant naturally and might have to consider other sections like an IVF treatment plan for help.

With growing age, your stress and anxiety heighten to the next level. You can always try keeping your hopes high, but the chances are towards the lower side. People opt for IVF treatment costs beforehand, especially after they have missed that perfect age group for becoming pregnant.

Not possible to draw a line:

Remember that 38 is not quite a magical number to forcefully state that you can’t get pregnant. There isn’t any hard and fast rule that women can’t get pregnant after 38. There are different options, like the best IVF Centre available, which can make your dream come true. However, the chances of conceiving naturally lower with growing age.

  • Your fertility starts to drop gradually once you have reached your late 20s.
  • This rate of declining speed will increase once you have gotten to 32 years of age and again speed up at around 37 years.
  • Once you have reached 40 years of age, your fertility will drop at a significant rate. However, a 38 year old woman can get pregnant, but it will take longer than usual.

What do generic studies offer?

It is always mandatory for women to have sexual intercourse on their most fertile days if they are trying to conceive naturally. Others might opt for IVF treatment costs if they fail to cover it naturally. However, it is important to learn about the age group and its importance so that you can plan for a child accordingly.

  • Women aged 19 to 26 years will have more than 50% of conceiving when they have sexual intercourse on the most fertile days.
  • Women between 27 and 34 years of age will have a change below 40%.
  • Then women within the age group of 35 to 39 years will have under 30% chance of getting pregnant, which is almost half of the women within 19 to 26 years.

However, thanks to the best IVF Centre, getting your hands on the best treatment plans is possible. These centres are run by well-trained gynaecologists and embryologists, who will use different IUI and ICSI methods to help you conceive artificially.

Higher chances of miscarriage:

Yes, you have heard it right. It is difficult for a 38 year old woman to get pregnant naturally. But the problem is not associated with the conception rates only. The older you get, the higher the chance of stillbirth and miscarriage.

  • Women over the age of 35 years will have a high risk of giving birth to a baby with serious birth defects. Sometimes, it might lead to abortion.
  • As per some studies, around 10% of pregnancies will end up in miscarriage for those women in their early 20s. However, this mark rises to around 18% of women over the age group of 35 and 34% for women in their early 40s.
  • It means you will have a 40% risk of losing the baby once you are nearing age 40.

This is mainly because of the growing age, which will deteriorate the quality of eggs produced. It can further deteriorate the number of eggs your ovaries can produce. If the egg quality drops, your fertilised eggs won’t get divided, leading to chromosomal defects.

During such instances, checking in with the IVF treatment cost is vital. Once you have selected the best IVF Centre, there is no need to conceive your baby naturally with growing age.

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