Blastocyst Culture In IVF

Blastocyst Culture In IVF - What You Need To Know

Once the human embryo starts to develop on day 5 or 6 after fertilization, it is called Blastocyst. The embryo will procure this stage to get implanted within the inner lining of the said uterus, which is also known as Endometrium.

Blastocyst consists of around 100 to 200 cells, which will be arranged either as inner cell mass or Trophectoderm. The outermost layer of the Trophectoderm will play a major role in the implantation. The inner cell mass is often considered to be the early fetus stage.

When it comes to natural pregnancy, the ovary will release an egg, which will then get fertilized within the fallopian tube by sperm. It results in the formation of the embryo, which will later travel through the fallopian tube towards the uterus. During such instances, the two-celled embryo will start to develop into a blastocyst.

The culture of the blastocyst:

Generally speaking, this is one procedure where the blastocyst is developed outside the human body within a lab environment, thanks to specialised culture media. It is done by nurturing the embryo. This media is known as Blastocyst Media. It is rich in all kinds of nutrients, which are highly recommended for blastocyst growth.

The monitoring factor:

Once the ICSI process or treatment is done and the embryos are formed, embryologists will see the division and assess the embryo’s quality first.

  • Once the blastocysts are formed, our doctors will be using the grading system for defining the grades of embryos.
  • There are three special characters used for the grading system and those are Trophectoderm, inner cell mass and expansion degree and the size of the embryo.
  • Out of all the developed embryos within the laboratory, only 60 to 70% will be acquired for the blastocyst stage on or after the 5th day.
  • During the initial stage, the fertilized eggs will go through a procedure of division to form the 4-celled embryo from the 2-celled one on day 2.
  • In the same way, the 8-celled embryo will be formed on day 3. However, few of them will reach the blastocyst stage. Therefore, only the healthiest and strongest embryos will survive the development stage.

Moving on with the blastocyst transfer with the help of IVF:

Scientifically, it has been proven that Blastocysts have higher chances of implantation than the Day 3 Embryo. It results in a higher pregnancy rate. As blastocyst is the healthiest among the lot, it is preferable to opt for a single set nowadays. Therefore, more embryos are now available for cryopreservation, designed in a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

  • Blastocyst transfer with the help of IVF will reduce multiple births, which will occur due to In Vitro Fertilization. It results in reducing obstetric complications of various pregnancies.
  • It has also been proven that Blastocyst culture will improve IVF outcomes as the embryologists will get enough time to observe the embryo grow for 5 to 6 days.
  • The extra days are perfect for selecting the right embryos that can grow into blastocysts. So, there are higher chances of forming pregnancy than any of the early day 3 embryos.

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