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8 Foods To Avoid During IVF Cycles

When you become ready for IVF treatment, your doctor explains what you should do and what you should not do to maximise your positive output. The suggestions also include what foods you need to avoid. Here are some food items that you should not eat during IVF cycles: 

1. Cheese

Eating cheese during fertility treatment is not good. Particularly, you should avoid mould-ripened cheese like camembert cheese and brie. Consuming them can make you have a higher risk of listeria infection. In addition, you should avoid drinking unpasteurised milk during IVF pregnancy. 

2. Coffee

Usually, you can consume 2 cups of coffee, which contains lower than 200 mcg caffeine, a day. However, it is better to avoid consuming caffeine or talk to your doctor about your caffeine intake amount. 

3. Alcohol 

During your fertility journey, you should maintain a safe distance from alcoholic beverages.  

Alcohol consumption can increase your risk of pregnancy complexions like miscarriage, impairment of the foetus, and slow or no proper growth in the baby inside your uterus. Limit its intake or avoid it completely. 

4. Refined sugar 

Refined sugar has fast break down during the digestion process. And due to this, it can trigger your blood sugar levels. Changes in the insulin can also turn into insulin resistance. And it can affect your fertility and IVF treatment success.

5. Aquatic organisms 

The aquatic foods or seafoods have a higher amount of mercury. And consuming mercury in a higher amount can increase your risk of having birth defects in your baby. So, you should avoid consuming undercooked or raw oysters, shellfish, cold prawns, crab, and mussels.  

6. Raw eggs 

Raw eggs have salmonella, a bacteria, which can make you have food poisoning. So, you should avoid eating food items like caesar salad, cookie dough, and eggnog that contain raw egg. 

7. Artificial sweeteners 

A large number of reproductive health experts advise couples having fertility treatments to avoid artificial sweeteners like saccharine. You should talk to your doctor about how to avoid it or how much sweeteners you can take if you are habituated of it. 

8. Saturated fats 

Consuming saturated fat-rich food items during fertility treatment is not healthy and good. It can negatively impact your IVF treatment outcome. According to a study, females who eat saturated fats daily have a lower amount of eggs in their ovaries. And around 15% of the embryo cells have a lower diving pace. 

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