Negative Pregnancy Test

2 Weeks Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

As a female, you expect your menstrual periods could occur regularly, especially when you are not trying to conceive. If there is any delay in your menstruation periods, you have several questions in your mind. And you suspect being pregnant. Your doubts are more obvious when your period is 2 weeks late. 

To confirm whether you are pregnant or not, you do a pregnancy test at home. Your frustration gets worse or you are more confused when the pregnancy test is negative even if your period is 2 weeks or more late. Even on a negative pregnancy test result, you could still be pregnant, depending on the time of test you took. However, several reasons could cause a delay in your period. 

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In general, a pregnancy test examines the presence of HCG levels in your urine. It is detectable when you are pregnant. It is possible that your urine would have not enough HCG to get detected if you took a pregnancy test within the first couple days or before your missed period. You would have a false pregnancy test result if you take it in later in the day instead of first-morning urine.

You usually get pregnant about two weeks after the beginning of the last period as you ovulate in the middle of your menstrual cycle. However, some of you may experience variations in your ovulation time each month and frequency of your menstrual cycles (regular, or irregular). If you ovulate later than you expect or get pregnant closer to your expected time, your pregnancy test after two weeks could produce a negative result.  

Why would your periods be late?

Your periods are late due to a large number of reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • A delay in ovulation 
  • Stress
  • Birth control 
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Hormonal changes 

You should do a pregnancy test again after 5-7 days if you have tested negatively and your period has not started yet. If possible, opt for a pregnancy test at a pathology lab. For better results or confirmation, you should see a respective doctor.     

At Archish IVF, we can help you determine whether you are pregnant or not after a 2 weeks late period with a negative pregnancy test. 


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